Alumni Association

The college is proud of having the alumni Association. It was founded on the intiative of a group of former students, with the object of organizing an annual reunion. The mission of the association is to foster strong bonds between alumini, students and institute, to keep alumini informed, and create a network enabling them to remain engaed with their Alma Mater and help its future through Association Programmes and services.

Industry Interaction Cell

This is to state that Industry Institution Interaction Cell has been formed on 10.10.2018 at JNTUA Oil Technological Pharmaceutical Research Institute (Formerly known as OTRI), (Constituent unit of Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapur), Ananthapuramu – 515 001(A.P). Through CAC committee meeting held on 09.10.2018 with the agenda for formation of Industry Institution Interaction Cell and all the CAC committee members unanimously resolved to establish IIIC as per directions, suggestions and remarks given by PCI Inspection team members.

With various objectives, scope and strategies for effective functioning.

Objective :

To explore and identify common avenues of interaction with industry and academicians as per the needs of the institution.

Scope :

The institution has to cover the Project under Industry-Institution-Interaction Cell (IIIC) to establish purposeful interaction between industry and institution.

Strategy :

IIIC will be responsible for designing the roadmap for interaction with industry recognizing the inherent strengths as well as the weaknesses of the institution. Thus it will be a unique and localized industry-institute-interaction development roadmap for the institutions.

Suggested Activities under IIIC :

  • To identify and facilitate Guest Lectures, Interactive Workshops, Conferences, National/ International Seminars, FDP, QIP,
  • To nurter, impart values through life skills, yoga and meditation programmes.
  • Brain Storming Sessions, Technical Discussions etc. with members of the Industry, outside
  • Inviting Experts, eminent personalities from academics and industries periodically.
  • To conduct Industrial Training, Orientation Courses, Industrial Visits etc for faculty and students at regular intervals.
  • To facilitate joint research work, consultancy involving faculty and students.
  • To conduct industrial exhibitions to highlight research facilities and expertise available with the Institution.
  • To facilitate for professionals from industry as visiting faculty in institutions and short or long periods deployment of faculty from institutions to industry for gaining industrial Experience and/or work on projects in industry.
  • To seek and associate experts from industry in curriculum development and review.
  • To identify continuing education opportunities, short-term programmes and training needs of the industry, which the institution can provide.
  • To promote revenue generating activities for the institution like Lab Testing, Calibration, Consultancy and R&D etc.
  • To assess periodically the scientific and technological scenario/ happenings in India and Abroad in order to translate it into action for taking up future R&D work.
  • Conduct outreach programmes/ community services to bring the awareness among public to prevent and cure communicable, non communicable diseases and disorders.

Deliverables :

IIIC will be responsible for the following deliverables:

  • Increase in collaboration with industry
  • Increased rate of campus placement of students
  • Absorption of students by same industries providing industrial training
  • Increase in industrial training for students arranged by college
  • Increase in utilization of college resources by industry

Program Committee

  1. The Pharm. program shall have a Program Committee constituted by the Head of the institution in consultation with all the Heads of the departments.
  2. The composition of the Program Committee shall be as follows:A senior teacher shall be the Chairperson; One Teacher from each department handling B.Pharm courses; and four student representatives of the program (one from each academic year), nominated by the Head of the institution.
  3. Duties of the Program Committee:
    1. Periodically reviewing the progress of the
    2. Discussing the problems concerning curriculum, syllabus and the conduct of classes.
    3. Discussing with the course teachers on the nature and scope of assessment for the course and the same shall be announced to the students at the beginning of respective
    4. Communicating its recommendation to the Head of the institution on academic
    5. The Program Committee shall meet at least thrice in a semester preferably at the end of each Sessional exam (Internal Assessment) and before the end semester