• To be a world –class technological university to excel in teaching innovative research and consultancy in the disciplines of engineering , Science and technology , Pharmaceutical science and management there by empowering the stake holders to complete globally
  • To achieve the goals by continuously upgrading the curriculum catering to the societal needs and industrial requirements by conducting research in intra , inter , multi, and trans – disciplinary areas and by imparting quality education for enhancing knowledge , employability skills and entrepreneurship capabilities through start –up environment


  • Our vision is to develop Quality standards in information dissemination, documentation , communication & soft skills for updating the knowledge of pupil through our dedicated staff.
  • Preserving the past…
  • Serving the present..
  • Shaping the future….,

Course competition :

  • Our mission is to educate the students from the local & rural areas &from the other states so that they become intellectual individuals, improving the living standards of their families , industry &society. To provide the educate the students about the library resources and services to help in their self studies for the proper utilization of time.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the department as well as the challenges and vulnerabilities faced by the department. Engage faculty expertise .
  • Focus how to improve the research and teaching missions of departments. The review will also consider how to improve departments diversity, climate, and mentoring, and identify best practices that might be adopted.
  • A description of the fundamental questions that organize and motivate the current teaching, research, outreach and other scholarly activities of the department
  • A critical analysis of the current state of the work of the department, including post graduate teaching (with attention to the purpose and coherence of the curriculum), research, and outreach, along with any other quantitative information required by the director.
  • Department members should suggest a format of learn which provides sample opportunities for discussion and interaction. Those discussions represent the essence of the development of knowledge . It is then that everyone involved can explore ideas in possible directions.
  • A department external review consists of three phases: a self-study by the department faculty in consultation with their departmental constituents, an evaluation by an external review team, and finally the external review report submission and response