The strength of JNTUA OT&PRI lies in highly qualified, experienced, commited and dedicated faculty with credentials and high proficiency in teaching experience in the requisite subjects to impart much needed training to the students. The faculty brings their extensive knowledge, professionals Research, Industrial Experience and Advanced education to their task at JNTUA OT&PRI. The faculty members have outstanding academic backgrounds and sound conceptual knowledge drawn from industries and Universities. The commitment to teaching shapes their involvement with the students. Faculty members emphasis both theory and practicals in classrooms and labs. Departments is having Doctorial faculty members to impart the quality education to students along with their faculty members.

Academic Excellence

Since its inspection JNTUA OT&PRI has been maintain very good pass percentage in the University Examination. Most of our passed out students with distinction and first class. This has been possible by organizing guest lecturers , conferences, seminars, and symposium.

1 PROF. CHAKKA GOPINATH M.Pharm., Ph.D, MSc., (Psychology) PGDY (Yoga) PHARMACOGNOSY 19 Years principalotpri@jntua.ac.in; master.gopinathchakka@gmail.com
2 Dr. SHAIK MUNEER M.Pharm., Ph.D.,FAGE. PHARAMCEUTICAL ANALYSIS 9 Years muneer.pharma@gmail.com
3 MAHESH. M M.Pharm., PHARAMCEUTICAL ANALYSIS 9 Years meghavath9@gmail.com
4 R. KIRAN JYOTHI M.Pharm., PHARAMCEUTICAL ANALYSIS 6 Years jyothikiran460@gmail.com
5 O. SREENIVASA KRISHNA M.Pharm. PHARMACOLOGY 9 Years krishna.vlcp@gmail.com
6 B. KISHORE KUMAR REDDY M.Pharm., PHARMACOLOGY 10 Years bkkreddypharma@gmail.com
7 N. YAMINI M.Pharm. PHARMACOLOGY 6 Years yamini.nemalapalli@gmail.com
8 A. MOUNIKA M.Pharm. PHARMACOLOGY sathish1981rs@gmail.com
9 G. NETHRAVANI M.Pharm., PHARMACEUTICS 6 Years nethravani.g@gmail.com
10 S.B. THIRUMALESH NAIK M.Pharm., PHARMACEUTICS 6 Years naik.thirumalesh@gmail.com,
11 A. RAJESH PAVAN M.Pharm., PHARMACEUTICS 8 Years rajeshpawan18@gmail.com
12 V. PHANI DEEPTHI M.Pharm. PHARMACEUTICS 7 Years vphanideepthi@gmail.com
13 C.H. SRINIVASA KUMARI M.Pharm. PHARMACEUTICS 3 Years kumari.sunny@gmail.com
14 K.E. SAILAJA M.Pharm. PHARMACEUTICS charansailaja1995@gmail.com
15 K. VEENA M.Pharm. PHARMACY PRACTICE veenapharmacypractice@gmail.com
16 J. SRAVANI Pharm D PHARM D sravanijollireddy93@gmail.com